I am currently taking a Maymester (usually a three week class for the start of summer) but this one is being condensed into a 14 day 8-5, 7 days a week course. Its been very challenging thus far and I am pleased with my results thus far.  I have posted pictures in one of my other blog entries. We have essentially 24 hours to make finished pieces. Day one was 5 sets of 5 mugs, each set had to have a different rim and foot from the other sets. Day two was the same with bowls. Both projects to be done with 3″ of clay off a pug for each piece and only to have a quarter of an inch in difference in both height and width. On day three we made twenty drop lidded jars from 3″ of clay no two of which could be alike. Day fours assignment was to make as many pitchers and jugs from the same amount of clay within three hours and then from 4″ of clay in one hour make an equal number of pitchers and jugs. Day five we made twenty cap lid jars from 3″ of clay and six more from 4″ of clay. Due on Monday we have bottles which I havent started on yet.

In the mean time I am trying to get ready to sell at Kerrville Folk & Arts festival next weekend and still a need to find the time to clean up the last load I pulled from the soda kiln. I, unfortunately, let my black glaze get a little thick and thus have a little grinding to do. I’ll figure out how to make it happen but I haven’t figured out where the time is for it yet.