I have been looking for a light wash that I can put on the unglazed surfaces of my pots. I am looking for something that will at least flux out these areas to a satin matte without destroying the clay body and while minimizing flashing. Initially I had tried a  solution of 1 cup soda ash to 1 gallon of water. The results were negligible if even distinguishable. Since keeping soda ash in suspension is a concern, I dont want to have to stir every three seconds to keep it from settling, I decided to try some other options in a triaxle blend test. I am not entirely satisfied with the results but think that test tiles 8 & 10 have potential. I did not fire these myself and am concerned that the people who fired the kiln reduced it to heavily at the end as some of my other tests did not come out as they normally do (I retest my glazes every time we replace an oxide with a fresh shipment to ensure consistency). So any how, here is the test and the images of the tiles:

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