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i hope that you all get to make it out that week.
See you at the closing reception!

So for the last several months I have been working towards my MFA show in February. It has been slowly creeping up on me but while standing in the shower a few weeks ago I realized that I it was only 8 weeks away. I figured that I could easly fit two more firings into this time. Well, I just unloaded three weeks worth of work from the soda kiln and this week is going to be/has been spent making clay and cleaning up after the firing. I still have shelves to grind in the wet cold. Not really looking forward to that part but I did also get a test kiln loaded today that is going to be fired off tomorrow.

I was really excited about some of the work that was in this last firing and some of it I stilll am. However, as I now look at pieces that are horrendously cracked I realize that I forgot to include the mullite in my last batch of clay. The mullite helps vary the particle size within the my clay body and keeps it from cracking while drying and buscuiting. So almost everything that I faceted has terrible networks of cracks that destroy the surfaces.

My MFA show is in four weeks (Feb14-18th @ Cora Stafford Gallery, Oak Street Hall, UNT; Reception Feb 17th 6pm-9pm) and while I am confident about the work that I have I was hoping to include some of the work that I lost. I am going to really have to put my nose to the grinding wheel and get some of these pots remade and fired in the next few weeks if I want to have them done in time for my show. On top of all of this its that time of the year where you send out all of you information for jobs and residencies as well as getting geared up for the start of a new semester. I am applying for ten different positions at various colleges around the nation as well as a handful of year long residencies. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also I would like to remind anyone reading this who may be dropping by the Archie Bray Foundation to go out and see Beyond the Brickyard. I just got my postcards for the show in the mail earlier this week. It looks like a vary good and varied show.

So for your veiwing pleasure here are some of the pieces that came out of this last firing:

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