So now that I am done with my MFA show its time to figure out what to do with this degree or really more how am I going to keep making work now that I am about to graduate. What happens next? Since January I have been applying for jobs and residencies. I am finding this task as daunting as was researching and applying for graduate schools. Its overwhelming at times and trying to stay organized and on top of it all is just as difficult. Back at the first of the year when I began this I was still in the depths of planning my MFA exhibition and finishing my last firings. Now all I have is as many firings as I can fit in before August rolls around and I have to move on.
It really is a scary thought to know that at this point after three years I know absolutely what I want to do (teach and keep making my work) but am about to loose all access to facilities until I hear back from some place whom is interested in hiring me. I am also applying to as many shows as I can while I can. I sent out five show applications a few days ago… so I suppose you could say that I am keeping my nose to the grind stone.
Anyhow, I just got done designing and ordering postcards for NCECA and was going to do stickers as well but the people I use are on a two to three week wait so thats out of the question for now.
For those of you who were not able to make it to my MFA show here are some photos of it. I felt it was pretty successful. I am a bit bias of course but thats how it goes.

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