So once again its been awhile since I have posted so here is the news….

I just moved from Carbondale CO to Gatlinburg TN as one of the 2013-2014 Arrowmont Artists in Residence. I can not put into words how exciting this opportunity is and am still getting use to the idea of being a part of Arrowmont and having the chance to work with so many other great artists.


I am hoping to stay more current with my blogs during my stay here and will also be doing som blogging through the Arrowmont Resident Blog ( I have also been doing quite a bit on instagram over the last few months. Adam Field ( convienced me to join and I have to say its been a great experience. You can follow me @hpbloomer (


I wanted to also plug Adams little Hide-n-seeka program which kicked off this year at NCECA in Houston. For those of you not familiar with NCECA it is the National Council on the Education of the Ceramic Arts which is the national convention for ceramics (sculpture and pottery alike). So what Adam did with instagram was to start a hide and seek game with all of us clay nerds. Several individuals were invited to donate work which was then hidden around the NCECA event sites (the convention center, neighboring restaurants, galleries, and hotels). Clues to the whereabouts of each piece were posted throughout the week and followers who were subscribed to each artists image feed were on their way to finding a new piece to add to their collection. I think that we initially underestimated how excited, sharp, and observant the audience was and we had to continually challenge ourselves (mainly Adam) to come up with more difficult clues since people were finding each piece much more quickly than expected. All of the instagram photos are still up @hidenseeka on instagram so check it out and stay tuned for more posts from Arrowmont!!!!