I just spent a few minutes looking at who all was following my Historical Ceramics board on pinterest and I was flattered to see all of the amazing potters who are following that board. So  A big thank you to everyone who is following me on pinterest, instagram, this blog or on facebook.

Looking at everyone who is following me made me think about how important it is for us as makers and as people who use handmade objects to know about the context of an object. Where does it come from? Why is someone today using a certain form? Where did that form come from? I see a parallel in Jazz where there are certain standards that most musicians and listeners will undoubtedly know. Knowing these allows the musician to play within the confines of a certain format while still giving it their own signature and making reference to something or someone they may like or admire. I started the historical ceramic board because I felt that I personally need to know more about the history of clay through out the world. Quite often it is up to us to learn about many of the specifics, what interests us, and what inspires us. On my board I post pots dating up to the mid 20th century so there is a vast variety of styles. That being said there are still an innumerable quantity of cultures and countries from which I have not yet drawn upon.

I wanted to take this opportunity to stress the importance of learning from and of these pots as well as showing a select few of my favorites… Enjoy!

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