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The ceramics students from Kennesaw State University came by this weekend to fire the Manabigama here at Arrowmont. This is their second year to come out post fall finals and fire the wood kiln. Their former instructor Matt Mitros was a resident artist here nearly ten years ago and has been encouraging his students to take advantage of Arrowmont and the work study summer programs as well as the facilities here at Arrowmont, which are all rent-able (kilns and housing!). KSU’s new ceramic instructor Jeff Campana lead a great firing this week and has a great group of outgoing and incoming new ceramicist. Not only did they fill and fire the manabigama but they also turned around two soda kiln loads during the wood fire. I had work in all three kilns and will be sharing soon. In the meantime enjoy some pics from this firing.


Also if you get the chance the new Arrowmont 2014 course catalouge is out (click here to see it and sign up)

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Had a very successful firing. This kiln is near the end but its putting out some great work for me.

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With my fellow Arrowmont A.I.R. I have been teaching with the Art Reach program. If you follow me on Instagram you have likely seen picks of my students working. Art Reach is a great program for both the kids and the teachers. It is a art outreach program which allows schools in the same county as Arrowmont to bus a handful of students, usually 40-85 students, to Arrowmont for a day.  Here is the official blurb about the program from the school website.

ARTREACH annually provides approximately 1,200 students (grades 4-12) from different Sevier County schools with an in-depth, full day art workshop at Arrowmont. Content encompasses a wide range of diverse art experiences, including use of specialized equipment. Students take one of six different workshops including drawing, photography, pottery, painting, sculpture, metals and woodturning.
ArtReach is sponsored in part by Citizens National Bank.

It has been a fantastic opportunity and quite often a joy to teach these children and young adults. Before this I had not taught such a wide age range. The whole experience was quite a good learning experience and as I said earlier I got so much out of it. I hope the kids involved did as well. Here are a few pics from the last several weeks