Just wanted to fill everyone in on what I have been and will be up to over the past few and next couple of months. We (The Arrowmont Artists in Residence) have our show coming up in March and are all putting the nose to the grind stone to get new work made. I have been working on some cone 1 colorant tests which I started two years ago back in Colorado. We have also been working with community classes and kids classes for the last few weeks. The weather has been delivering us some snow from time to time and we have been able to get  a little sledding in between studio time.

I am working on a few press molded items to add to my portfolio. Its been amazing how quickly I can turn over pieces with press molding. It has been a huge advantage for my tea pot  spouts and the butter dishes which I am now making. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the depth and variation I have found simply by using a slip over terracotta and firing it to cone 1. I have some new tray sets in the works which I am excited to included these new pieces in.

Other than that I will be moving back to Carbondale Colorado at the end of May to teach at Colorado Mountain College for at least the summer. I am still on the job hunt for a more long term job but am excited to be back in Colorado even if its for a undefined amount of time.

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