I’ve been working on a few electric cone 9 fired pieces. Exploring my alternatives to the soda kiln while I can. One of my objectives in coming to Arrowmont was to explore or revisit a few new and old processes while here. I had intended to do some work with masked patterns and sandblasting early on but got caught up in routine and was disappointed with a few of the initial tests on my glazes. Solution: use a glaze that you know works well, Thank you Mr. Eric Rempe for leaving your black glaze here at the school. I also wanted to take the time to slow down and put more consideration into compositions on certain forms that just didn’t feel resolved to me (specifically plates). Here are a few images of both explorations. I have a whole kiln load of pieces in the electric cooking right now and will have them shot posted soon. In the meantime most of these mugs are available for purchase on at my Esty shop (Bloomer Pottery).

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With the all black pieces I had been considering pulling back on all of the glazing and exploring my body of work in a new minimized restrictive way that forced me to address each composition in a new way. I wanted to challenge myself to work strictly in black or white and I think that this is a good start. Other developments in my work not yet fully formed or explored is my relationship to the patterns that I use. Over time the repetitive application of these patterns has allowed them to take on personal meaning to me. There are little stories or personal meaning tied to many of these patterns.  I am not sure if I can call the work narrative yet and not all of the patterns have this association but as time goes on I can easily see this correlation between my life and these patterns developing further. The themes associated with these patterns are close to me and my life and frequently are associated with interactions and friendships with others, communicating and interacting with my environment and sometimes even drawing on historic pots, paintings, architecture and textiles of interest or of special affiliation to me. All of these ideas are piled on top of one another, mashed together, much like what I see around me in my life. We find ways to compartmentalize our lives to make them comfortable and manageable. I am still working on that stream of thought.
I would also like to take a minute to let you know about two upcoming shows that I have work in. The first is “Emergred: After the Residency” at LilStreet in Chicago which runs March 14th – April 14th. The other is “On the Horizon” at St. Petes Clay in Saint Petersburg Florida which runs from March 1-31st. If you have the chance go check either of them out. There are many great ceramic artists in both and both have a interesting dialogue on residency programs.