Its been quite a while so here’s the summary of the last 9 months:

I wrapped up my residency at Arrowmont at the end of May and took a job as the Studio Manager/Director of Santa Fe Clay in Santa New Mexico. By the time I arrived in Santa Fe the Santa Fe Clay summer workshops were in full swing. Its been a pretty fantastic experience so far. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many notable artists last summer and am excited about this coming summer as well. I am very pleased to have been given so many curatorial opportunities at SFC and have assisted in curating a number of shows here over the last few months. Recently me and our gallery assistant, Natasha Ribeiro, co-curated 6 Under 36 which opens this Friday and is receiving some press both locally and from Ceramics Monthly. The artists included in the show are Emily Duke, Linda Lopez, Brooks Oliver, Peter Pincus, Adam Shiverdecker & Matt Ziemke. I will try to write more about the show as I live with the work once its installed. The basic premise of the show was to bring in younger ceramic artists whose work both Natasha and I found fresh and exciting.

Once I found a place in Santa Fe I was able to set up a studio and start working. While progress has been slow I’ve been able to get some work made. We recently finished a new soda kiln at Santa Fe Clay and did our first firing before the holidays. It feels good to know that I can soda fire my work once again. I will be documenting that work this week and hopefully sending it off to galleries shortly.

I am also in the process of getting a new website up. I started playing around with square space in November and then had my computer stolen and lost all of my images and portfolios. So I’ve been hunting down some of my higher resolution images from applications and residencies and am now ready to start the switch over to the new page.

When I arrived in Santa Fe I didnt have a studio to work in for the first 3 months and so I diverted my energies into glaze testing and have subsequently developed a whole new batch of glazes to add to my palate. I am excited to write about them, what I am looking for when testing, and how I evaluate the results for what I would like to turn into a article in the near future.

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