I never posted this when I left New Mexico in August and am now in Cobb California, a very small community in Northern California which is home to the Cobb Mountain Art & Ecology Project. I began a residency at the end of August and have been helping around the property and with various other projects. This semester I will begin to teach at Mendocino College in Ukiah as a replacement for Doug Browe while he is on vacation for the semester.

The goals of the Cobb Mountain Art & Ecology Project as set forth by Scott Parady, who owns the property, are to 1) encourage art making and experimentation in ceramic art, 2) teach stewardship of the land, 3) promote sustainable living , and 4) build community. We have had 6 long term resident artist since this summer and just said goodbye to Zach Wollert who has accepted a tech job in Iowa. The overarching structure is to have 3 long term (1 year or more) residents and 2-3 short term residents or guest artists who stay live and work at the 3,000 sq ft studio space. We currently have a woodfired train kiln, a wood/gas soda kiln, two Bailey updraft gas kilns and a electric Cress kiln for bisqueing and midrange firings.

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