I was finally able to get a soda firing in after I got back from Texas from the holidays. I made a few changes to the bag wall before I loaded. In previous firings the heat was not being pulled through the kiln evenly so I loosened up the bag wall to help with this distribution. The previous two firings had been with other people and this was the first time I had the kiln all to myself. On the first firing we had green work in the kiln and fired until 2000° F solely with wood and then hooked up and turned on the burner system. The second firing I shared with Scott Parady who put green work in again so we had to go slow but only used gas. No kiln logs were kept for either of these firings unfortunately. This firing I fired cold with no preheat as I bisque all of my work and wasn’t firing anything of a large scale. I let the kiln warm with one burner on low for the first half hour and then slowly started adding wood. I continued adding wood consistently until around 1500° F and had turned on all three burners within the first hour and a half. Although I continued to add wood sporadically through out the day the wood seemed to be more of a hindrance than a help in gaining temperature. I added a little more soda than I had in the previous firing as well as a small amount of salt. The last firing was overly dry. I had cut the amount of soda from 3 lbs to 2 lbs in firings 1 & 2 but went back to 3 lbs sprayed in near the end of the firing as well as about a cup or so of salt which I spread on a log that I stoked. I am pleased with the amount of surface I got through out the kiln, although it was a little dry near the stoke door where I was spraying.

This firing was 5-6 hours shorter than the previous two firings, had no preheat, and was more even temperature  and atmosphere wise throughout the ware chamber. I would like to have used more wood to get more ash effect but I am happy with the outcome overall.

Here is the kiln log if you want to look at it: