Raised in Waco, Texas, by a retired potter and architect H.P. Bloomer was introduced to clay initially at a very young age but did not grasp on to it as medium until late in college. He had initially intended on working towards a painting and drawing degree but became disenchanted with the arts until he discovered the functionality of clay. After receiving his BFA in Ceramics and a minor in geology from the University of North Texas in 2007 he stayed on for another semester as a special student. Later that year he was accepted to Graduate School at the U.N.T. where he continues to work towards his MFA in Ceramics and anticipates graduating in the spring of 2011.

Statement of Current Research:

My recent work focuses on the development of angular edges and gentle curves within contemporary functional ceramics. This focus stems from a personal interest in contemporary architecture and design. While in the past I sought to be a traditional hand-made production potter, the discovery of these more angular edges and gentle curves brought me to a more industrial process. This exploration and shifting personal standard has become an acceptance and input of various commercial, craft, and non-traditional mediums as references. However, my love of traditional and art does come to light in my surface treatment and play opposite what I feel to be the more commercial qualities.

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