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I am editing a few images. Mostly of work from my firing last week. Here are a few images of pieces that are in my show at Willits Center for the Arts.



I am loading and firing a soda kiln this weekend and have spent much of the week learning about decals. It was interesting watching Justin Rothshank work through his process and to see how he builds up his surfaces both before and after the firing. So now I ask myself “when is a pot done?” We talked about multiple decal firings and layering of glazes over decals or transfers to push the depth of surface even further.

I am considering luster decals now. These images are me exploring and having fun. I think that a few of them were under-fired in the decal firing and didn’t thus some of the decals take as well. Since I use so many glazes they all have differing temperatures where they will accept the decal…so I will just have to turn up the heat on them. These were fun I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them and remember these were explorations and one of them was me seeing what all i could get one to one piece and how much layering I could do. Guess which one.

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I had a good firing. A little uneven top to bottom but not bad for the first time in this kiln. Here is a time lapse of the unload.Its nice to pull work from a soda kiln once again. I have been firing gas and electric since November of 2012 while I tore down and rebuilt the Carbondale Clay Centers soda kiln. Which I might add is a daunting task alone in the Colorado winter. Anyway, I am glad to have the soda surfaces back in my work. I am also excited to have added ta few new glazes to my palette for this firing.
A special thanks to my friends the The Spitfire Tumbleweeds for letting me use their music. If you like them you can purchase their music online at


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So here is a short clip of me wadding pots and putting in the bottom shelf. This is the first soda firing I’ve done at Arrowmont. So far the kiln has been pretty easy to fire and adjust. I will be unloading on Wednesday and will do another video of the unloading. I am going to try to shoot a good number of the pots, if they turn out, before the A.I.R. open studios and post them before…but we will see how time is looking then.

Shot this short video today while working on some juice cups. This is the first time I’ve done anything with a time lapse app… I think next time I will slow down the frames per second. Enjoy!