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Thank you to every body who came out to my sale and made it a success. Your support means a lot to me especially right now. I hope that every one who bought a pot or two gets a life time of enjoyment out of its use.

I will continue to offer my work online via this site so if you see something in one of the photos I have posted just inquire and I am sure that we can come to an agreement.

Again thanks for coming out and supporting a local artist.

Tell me what piece you would like via email then I will get back to you and let you know a price. pay via paypal.

I just stumbled upon this site where I found many quotes that I enjoy relating to design and art.

check it out:

As a maker I really enjoy this Picasso story.I know that its cheesy and Picasso related but I think that it’s very relative to what we potters and makers do.  I think that our culture today, for the most part, is to disposable and to few of us consider what it takes to make something. This works across the board for me….you are what you eat.

Picasso was in a park when a woman approached him and asked him to draw a portrait of her.
Picasso agreed and quickly sketches her.
After handing the sketch to her, she is pleased with the likeness and asks how much she owed to him.
Picasso replies: “$5,000.”
The woman screamed, “But it took you only five minutes.”
“No, madam, it took me all my life” replied Picasso.

We all spend a life time to get where we are. Whether you are  a filing clerk, a doctor or a potter it has taken you a life time of experiences to get where you are and I suppose that that is similar to saying something along the lines of “its always in the last place you look”

So it’s been a crazy week for me. Money is tight and my room mate is moving out. I don’t get another pay check from teaching until October….so its SALE time people. I was planning on this anyhow but not it’s an absolute necessity. Yesterday I fired of the soda kiln and one of the smaller reduction kilns with a few refires. Firing during the summer in Texas is always a good time. I was talking with a old friend from Ft Worth last night who is now a fire fighter who was saying similar things about how awesome it feels to walk out of a burning building and then taking off your gear only to be greeted by 100 degree heat. So for now lets just compare spraying soda into the kiln like working net to a burning building….maybe that’s a little overkill…but hey its HOT!

I will be unloading the kilns on Monday morning then taking photographs and deciding what I need to hold onto for my MFA show in February.  I was hoping to be at Arrowmont about this time to take part in the Andy Brayman workshop but its not going to happen this year. Guess I‘ll have to figure some of his stuff out on my own.

On a better note my special problems course for the fall was approved. So in the fall I will be working on large slip cast items. I am going to be working on items with a minimum dimension of 20” in any one direction.  I am hoping to have attempted at least five molds for this class and completed/fired around 30 pieces from this class by the end of the semester. It’s a big challenge for myself but what is life without hard work.

Anyhow, I will leave you with a few images of the loaded soda kiln. Hopefully work that you will be seeing/buying at the sale this coming Thursday through Saturday from 9am-7pm at Oak Street Hall room #107.

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